DVD or Cdrom players

I put in the DVD and the player says no disc.

The laser can not read the disk

 Bad spindle motor or spindle height which is what spins the cd

 Transverse motor \gear this is the motor that moves back and forth to read the different groves in the cd some what like a album does.

 Laser is bad or week

In most cases itís cheaper to purchase a new one

Sony DVP-S360 error C:1300

your problem is a common one, it is not your changing the setting that has caused your player to fail. c 1300 failure is quite common and is caused by a weak pickup assy. after changing your setting it has just turned up the power and caused the already weak pickup to fail.
a new pickup assy cost about 55 dollars and laboe is about 50 dollars to install it ..Not really cost efective to repair...todays DVD players do so much more than the 360. so i would say by a new one.



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